"Celebrating Cromford 2006"
Celebrating Cromford took place over the weekend of 16, 17 and 18 June, 2006.
Chris Thompson at the opening ceremony
Chris Thompson opening the Celebrating Cromford weekend.
Local author Chris is a member of the Emmerdale writing team.
View down North Street

Cromford School held its Summer Fair on the Saturday.
Wayzgoose take a break
Members of the Wharfedale Wayzgoose Morris Dancers take a break on Scarthin. The side is based in Otley in West Yorkshire.

Wayze Goose Morris dancers A wayzgoose was a printers' festival when the master printer would supply a feast for his printers.

Ripley Morris Dancers
The Ripley Morris Dancers.
Scarthin stalls
David Mitchell's bargain book stall on Scarthin.        

Stalls on North Street, with the school in the background.

Richard Arkwright well dressing
Sir Richard Arkwright

well dressing
  well dressing 






Three well dressings at the Methodist Church, Water Lane.


photo display at Methodist church
Viewing some of the many items from Glynn Waite's collection of Cromford photographs
and memorabilia in the Methodist schoolroom.

Amber Painting Group
Some of the paintings in the Amber Painting Group's exhibition at the Methodist church.

art at Cromford Mill

Doreen Andrews

Left: Art exhibition at Cromford Mill of work by Doreen Andrews and Ken Spencer.

Above: Doreen has donated one of her paintings to the Diabetes Unit at the DRI. Prints of the picture are being sold with profits going to the Unit and to Diabetes UK.

duck rescue
Felicity Easton collecting ducks from the river banks after the duck race.
duck rescue
Most of the ducks never made it to the finish.

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Click to see a LARGE version of thisCommunity Centre after the opening ceremony of Celebrating Cromford Click to see a LARGE version of this Celebrating Cromford banner on Arkwright's Stores.
Photo:   Roy Smith
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1917 Fowler Tiger steam tractor belonging to Sue and Dave Cope

Click to see a LARGE version of thisPart of the "Cromford Wharf" model railway (now High Peak Junction).
Click to see a LARGE version of thisMorris Dancers on Scarthin Promenade Click to see a LARGE version of thisArt exhibition at Cromford Mill
Click to see a LARGE version of this
St Mary's Church
Flower Festival
showing wall paintings.
Photo:   Roy Smith
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Stalls and bouncy castle at Cromford School summer fair
Click to see a LARGE version of this
      Graham Langley
      recruited to the
      Wayzgoose Morris
Click to see a LARGE version of this
Felicity Easton and Simon Smith rounding up stray ducks after the duck race.

AND FINALLY ....... Some of the decorated ducks

Dalek Duck won the adult section for Simon Hargreaves. Felicity Easton's Robin Hood won
the 11 to 16 age group, and J Allestry came first in the 5 to 10 age group with Painted duck.

dalek duck stripey duck sail duck bow tie duck devilduck disco duck
Robin Hood duck Sir Richard Duckright duck tape duck round duck cat duck pirate duck

can can duck u boat duck pop ducks England flag duck
                                                England duck failed to finish.
                                                A portent for the World Cup?

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