"Celebrating Cromford 2007"
Cromford in Derbyshire village festival on 15, 16 & 17th June

Opening ceremony
Celebrating Cromford was opened by Ian Buxton in the Community Centre. He entertained us with stories of his boyhood adventures in Cromford, before presenting prizes to the winners of the children's painting competition, assisted by Jennie Binks who organised the event.

banner banner
  Banner with view of Methodist church

Left:  Banner at the Crossroads


Boat Inn Above:  Boat Inn with bunting


            3 Photos: Roy Smith

Stalls on North Street
Browsing along the stalls on North Street.

Stalls on Scarthin Some of the stalls on Scarthin Promenade.

Morris dancers
Morris men in North Street waiting for their fellow dancers.

Chris,Roger and John
                                                Photo: Roy Smith

Chris, Roger and John by the Tiger tractor on Scarthin.

Tiger tractor
                                                Photo: Roy Smith

Sue and Dave Cope's 1917 Fowler Tiger steam tractor on Scarthin.

Dogs on tractor
                                                Photo: Roy Smith

On guard at the tractor.

children's paintings
Entries in the children's painting competition, on view in the Methodist Church.
photo display at Methodist church
Viewing some of the many items from Glynn Waite's collection of Cromford photographs
and memorabilia in the Methodist schoolroom.

Ann Loveday's paintings
        Paintings by Ann Loveday
        at the Methodist church.

                                                Photo: Roy Smith
Flower display in the Methodist Church.

school fete
Target shoot at Cromford school fete.

Well dressing, Cromford


Well dressing at the Methodist Church.                
"From field to Fabric - They toil not nor reap"    

well dressing detail

well dressing tree




 Above - detail of cotton reels from the well.
(Photo: Roy Smith)

                                      Above - children's well


Spinning demonstration in the marquee on Scarthin.


  Dancing to the Bang on the Wall band in
  the marquee on Saturday evening.

pizza oven
An outdoor pizza oven was one of the
attractions at Quarry Cottage.

organ grinder
                             Photo: Roy Smith
Music from the barrel organ
at Cromford Mill.

A demonstation of working gundogs was held at Alison House.
Model railway exhib
                                                Photo: Roy Smith
View of the model railway exhibition in the Community Centre.
Swiss village
                                                Photo: Roy Smith

One of the exhibits.

Dene quarry
There were conducted tours of Dene Quarry on Saturday.
Dene quarry
Storm clouds are brewing (the pictures were taken from the mini bus).

"Not Another Hole!"

Doreen Andrew's comment on the months of disruption when Severn Trent and MacAlpines were replacing water mains in the village.
This painting was included in an exhibition of the work of Doreen Andrews and Ken Spencer at Cromford Mill over the weekend.

Entrants in the decorated ducks competition.
Madge Homer
Spangles  Purple
Some of the children's decorated ducks.

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