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The War Memorial in the Memorial Gardens is inscribed with the names of the
18 men of Cromford who died in the Great War - the "war to end all wars".
After the Second World War, 10 more names were added.

IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1919

                  Frederic G A ARKWRIGHT                      Thomas GRATTON
                  Percy BARBER                                            John Hall GREGORY
                  William BOSLEY                                          Harry PARKER
                  Robt Charles BRITLAND                           Samuel George PEARSON
                  John Hall BROWN                                      William Herbert PEARSON
                  Clifford James BROOKS                             Norman SAINT
                  Victor James DILLON                                  Joseph Thomas SHAW
                  Thomas FEARN                                           John Allen TAYLOR
                  James GIBBS                                                 Leonard WILBRAHAM

1939 - 1945              

                  Harold F BRITLAND                                   Michael G  HAM
                  Kenneth A BROOKER                                Ronald HOPKINSON
                  Alan G DITCHFIELD                                   Denys G MARSDEN
                  William A R FOSTER                                   Harry ROLLEY
                  David GRANTHAM                                    James A TAIT

The War Memorial on Scarthin Promenade is inscribed with the names
of the 9 men of Scarthin who died in the Great War,
and 3 who fell in the Second World War.



                  Joseph TOMLINSON                                  William H ALLEN
                  William SHERRATT                                     John J ALLEN
                  Arthur BIDDULPH                                       George KIRK
                  Thomas KEIGHTLY                                      John A PIDCOCK
                  Thomas WORTHY

1939 - 1945              

                  Harry KNIVETON                                         Arthur H RUSSELL
                  George A PIDCOCK


The men behind the names
Memorial plaques
List of all who served in WWI
Three men not on the War Memorials
Our Local Lads - A poem of 1915

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
After the Great War, now known as the First World War or World War I, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission was set up with the aim of recording each of the dead by name either on a headstone or memorial.
Rudyard Kipling, who had lost his son John in the war, was one of the War Graves commissioners, and he argued for all ranks, the rich and the poor to have the same type of gravestone, in an "equality of sorrow".
A register for each cemetery was produced, the first in 1920.
World War II registers started in 1952.
The military record offices supplied the basic information as to name, rank, number, unit, regiment, military honours and date of death.
Forms were sent to next of kin asking them to give a short quote to go on the headstone for those with a known grave, and to give details of age, address, parentage or wife and other personal particulars. These details were then quoted in the register.
In the case of WWI 40% of the forms were not returned, so those names have only the basic details.
In WWII efforts were made to get a reply as soon as possible after death, so the percentage of replies was higher.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has now put its records of war graves on the internet, and can be accessed on   Note the Commission has recently adopted the modern spelling of Ypres - Ieper.

Cromford Memorial Garden Scarthin Memorial

War memorials and plaques can be found in every town and
village in the country, in public places, schools and factories, remembering those who died in the two world wars.
There are two war memorials in Cromford: one in the Memorial Gardens, one on Scarthin Promenade, and plaques in the Institute and St Mary's Church.
Altogether 40 men from Cromford and Scarthin died, 27 in WWI and 13 in WW2. The records for 38 of the men have been found on the Commonwealth War Graves website. The others have no personal details recorded and it is not possible to find the correct entry without knowing the date of death.

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The following information has been obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, with background details from the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census records.   Full details from the census have not been included but if you would like to know more then email this website.
First World War Cromford War Memorial  
Frederic George Alleyne ARKWRIGHT Age 29. Died Thursday, 14 October 1915. Captain, Royal Flying Corps.
Son of Mr & Mrs Frederic Charles Arkwright of Willersley.
Cemetery: St Mary's churchyard, Cromford.
Frederic's gravestone is in the form of a cross and is inscribed:
      "Captain XI Hussars ... died when flying on duty ...
      Steadfast and true - Per Ardua ad Astra"
A plaque inside the church tells us that Frederic was flying near Montrose when he was killed.

Frederic Arkwright is also included among the 178 names on the Matlock War Memorial, and the 15 names on Starkholmes War Memorial.
1901 Census

William BOSLEY
1901 Census

Age 21. Died Wed, 13 November 1918. Private, Army Service Corps.
Son of Mr & Mrs William Barber of 26 North St, Cromford.
Cemetery: St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France.
Four year old Percy was living at Starkholmes with father William, (engine driver in cotton mill), mother Hannah and younger sister Lydia. His grandmother and uncle lived with them in a 3-roomed house.

Age 32. Died Thursday, 21 March 1918. Private, North Staffs Regiment.
Son of Mr J Bosley of Cromford. Husband of Hannah Else (formerly Bosley)
of Cowgate,Lea, Derbys.     Memorial: Arras Memorial, France.
William was 15 years old, a shoemaker's apprentice. He lived with his father Joseph, a shoemaker, his mother Sarah Ann and 4 siblings at 22 North Street.

Robert Charles BRITLAND


John Hall BROWN
           1891 Census
1901 Census

Clifford James BROOKS
        1881 Census
           1891 Census
1901 Census

Age 20. Died Wed, 15 September 1915. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of Robert and Mary Britland of 88 The Hill, Cromford.
Cemetery: Pieta Military Cemetary, Malta.
The Derby Mercury reported that Robert died in hospital in Malta of enteric fever. His brother Harry was wounded in the Dardanelles but he survived.

Age 28. Kia 30 September 1915.  Private, York & Lancaster Regiment.
Son of William and Elizabeth Brown, of Barnwell Lane.
Memorial: Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.
John was 4 years old and living with his father William, a spar (marble) turner, his mother Elizabeth and older brother Charles at 2 Barnwell Lane. His aunt Hannah Hall, a hosiery worker, was with the family.
Ten years later 14 year old John was working as a hosiery machine minder.

Age 48. Died Monday, 27 May 1918.  Private, Machine Gun Corps.
Son of Samuel & Mary Brooks, of Cromford. Husb of Margaret Annie Brooks
of 3 North St, Cromford.    Memorial: Soissons Memorial, Aisne, France.
Clifford was aged 12, living at 2 North Street with his father Samuel, a lead miner, his mother Mary, a charwoman, brother John and sister Adeline.
Clifford, age 22, was working as a Railway labourer and living at 12 North Street with his now widowed mother Mary and sister Adeline.
Clifford, wife Annie, and their 2 children, Frederick and Adeline were living with his mother Mary at 3 North Street. He worked at the cotton mill as a dibber.

1901 Census
Thomas FEARN

1901 Census

Age 20. Died Saturday, 1 June 1918. Private, The King's (Liverpool Reg).
Son of Michael and Rhoda Dillon, of Willersley Lodge, Cromford.
Cemetery: Houchin British Cemetery, France.
Victor was 3 years old, living with his parents, two elder sisters and brother Thomas, who also served in the war. Their father Michael was the Arkwright family's coachman. The lodge, now demolished, stood on Derby Road at the entrance to Church Walk.
The Derby Mercury reported that before enlisting Victor was a footman in the service of Mr Steele, of Lockerbie, Scotland.

Died of wounds, 10 August 1915. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Memorial: Helles Memorial (Gallipoli campaign, Dardanelles).

Age 25. Died Sun, 24 March 1918. Lance Corporal, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of James and Hannah Gibbs of Cromford.
Memorial: Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France.
James is remembered on his parents' gravestone in St Mark's churchyard:
      "killed in action and buried in France
      Peace, Perfect Peace."

James, age 7, his 3 sisters and 2 brothers were living at 33 The Hill with parents Hannah and James, a gritstone mason. Older brothers George and Frank also served in the war.

           1881 Census
1901 Census
Age 39. Died Sunday, 5 August 1917. Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles.
Son of Benjamin and Mary Gratton, of Greenhill, Bonsall, Derbys.
Husband of Clara Gratton of 42 Cromford Hill, Cromford.
Memorial: Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.
Thomas aged 3 years, was living at Upper Town, Bonsall, with Benjamin his father, a Railway labourer, mother Mary, sister Martha and brother Charley.
Thomas aged 23 was still living at home on High Street, Bonsall, and working as a labourer. There were now 9 children in the family and an aunt was living with them.
           1891 Census
1901 Census
1901 Census
Age 33. Died Sunday 18 August 1918. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of the late John and Millicent Gregory, of Cromford.
Cemetery: Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport, France.
John was 6 years old and living with his father John, a stonemason and warehouseman, his mother Millicent and 2 sisters at 2 Masons Open.
John was 16 and working as a machine minder in a cotton mill. His mother had died, and there were now four sisters. Father John worked in a merino mill warehouse. They lived in Barnwell Lane.
Age 23. Died Wed, 8 November 1916. Lance Corporal, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of Francis and Annie Elizabeth Parker, of 25 North St, Cromford.
Memorial: Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France.
Harry is remembered on his family's grave:   "killed in action in Le Tronsle ... "
Harry and his family lived at 3 Masons Open. He was 7 and had four younger siblings; his brothers Charles and Alexander also served in the war. Father Francis worked as a doubler in a cotton mill.
Samuel George PEARSON
1901 Census

William Herbert PEARSON
1891 Census

Norman SAINT
1901 Census

Age 22. Died Wednesday, 9 August 1916. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of George and Hannah Pearson, of 24 North St, Cromford.
Cemetery: Heilly Station cemetery, Somme, France.
Eleven people lived in 3 rooms at 10 North Street: parents Hannah and George (general labourer), five daughters and two sons. Grandmother and cousin were still with them. Both sons, Samuel and William, died in the war.

Age 31. Died Saturday, 1 July 1916. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of George and Hannah Pearson, of 24 North St, Cromford.
Cemetery: Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, France.
William was 6 years old, living at 20 North Street with his father George, a wool washer, his mother Hannah and four sisters. His grandmother and a 15 year old cousin also lived at the house.

Age 21. Kia Sunday, 4 March 1917. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of Robert and Mary Jane Saint, of Moor Side, Cromford.
Memorial: Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France.
Norman, age 5, was living with his parents Robert and Mary Jane, and eight brothers and sisters, at 52 Bolehill, Wirksworth. Robert was a stationary engine driver.

Joseph Thomas

John Allen TAYLOR

1901 Census

Kia 4 April 1917. Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps.
Memorial: Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France.

Age 24. Died Monday, 4 November 1918. Serjeant, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of William and Mary Taylor, of 15 Victoria Terrace, Cromford.
Cemetery: Sebourg British Cemetery, Nord, France.
John is remembered on his parents' gravestone in St Mark's churchyard:
      "He died for freedom and honour."

Age 21. Died Tuesday, 5 November 1918. Private, Derbyshire Yeomanry.
Son of Harry and Ruth Wilbraham, of Cromford. Husband of Gertrude Southam (formerly Wilbraham) of Middleton, Wirksworth, Derbys.
Cemetery: Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece.
Leonard is remembered on his family's gravestone in St Mark's churchyard:
      "He sleeps not in his native land But neath the foreign skies.
      Far from those who loved him best In a hero's grave he lies."
Three year old Leonard's family lived at 6 North Street. They were father Henry, a general labourer, mother Ruth, sister Beatrice and brother Fred, who also served in the war.

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Second World War Cromford War Memorial  
Harold Frederick BRITLAND

Kenneth Angus BROOKER
Allan Gerrard DITCHFIELD

Age 20. Died Wed, 12 July 1944. Private, South Lancs Parachute Regt.
Son of Thomas and Jean Britland of Cromford.
Cemetery: Ryes War Cemetery, near Arromanches, France.

Age 19. Died Thursday, 10 October 1940. Sergeant, RAF Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Frederick William and Dorothy Brooker of Cromford.
Cemetery: St Mark's churchyard, Cromford.
Kenneth's gravestone tells us he was a wireless operator and has the words:
      "Here, a boy, he dwelt through All the singing season
      And ere the day of sorrow, Departed as he came."

                                    The lines are from  'In Memoriam'  by Robert Louis Stevenson
Age 31. Died Thursday, 10 February 1944. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of William and Florence Ditchfield of Cromford.
Cemetery: Anzio War Cemetery, Italy.

William Alfred Randale FOSTER


Michael Gervase HAM

Age 29. Died Monday, 9 March 1942. Aircraftsman, RAF Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Robert Alfred Randall Foster and Ruth Foster.
Husband of Elsie Gertrude Foster, of Tollerton, Notts.
Memorial: Singapore Memorial.

Age 18. Died Mon, 24 Nov 1941. Ordinary Seaman, HMS Dunedin, Royal Navy.
Son of James and Helen Grantham, of Cromford.
Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial.   HMS Dunedin memorial plinth and oak at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffs.
HMS Dunedin was sunk by a torpedo from U boat-124 on 24 November 1941 in the South Atlantic. 412 ratings and officers died, and there were 67 survivors.

Age 23. Died Friday, 29 Nov 1940. Sergeant, Pilot RAF Volunteer Reserve.
Son of Very Revd Herbert and Hilda Annie Ham, of Cromford.
Cemetery: Dethick, Lea and Holloway cemetery, Derbys.
Michael's headstone includes the words:
      "born 8 Nov 1917, killed on active service. Greatly loved."

His name is included with 3 others on an inscription on the choir screen inside Holloway church. Michael Ham is also listed among the 47 names on the Matlock War Memorial.


Denys George MARSDEN


James Alistair TAIT

Age 17. Died Sat, 19 August 1944. Galley Boy, SS Wayfarer, Merchant Navy.
Son of Edward and Sarah Hopkinson, of Cromford.
Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial, London.
SS Wayfarer was torpedoed and sunk by U boat-862 on 19 August 1944 when about 150 miles east of Mozambique. 51 of the 61 people on board died.

Age 23. Died Sat, 8 July 1944. Sergeant Flt Engr, RAF Volunteer Reserve.
Son of George Herbert and Annie Elizabeth Marsden, of Cromford.
Cemetery: St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France.

Age 24. Died Tuesday, 29 October 1940. Lance Corporal, North Staffs Regt.
Son of Mrs A Fern of Matlock.
Cemetery: St Giles churchyard, Sandiacre, Derbys.

Age not given. Died Sat, 29 August 1942. Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers.   Son of Maj. James Baillie Tait and Margaret Tait.
Cemetery: Ripon Cemetery, Yorkshire.

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First World War Scarthin War Memorial     -     Names are engraved on the Memorial
                                                in order of date of death



1901 Census

Age 24. Died Friday, 12 March 1915.  Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of Joseph and Sarah Tomlinson of Chapel Hill, Cromford.
Memorial: Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.
Joseph is remembered on his parents' gravestone in St Mark's churchyard:
     "fell in action Neuve Chapelle ... "

Age 24. Died Sunday, 9 May 1915.  Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of George & Jane Sherratt, 55 Thoresby Rd, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts
Memorial: Ploegsteert Memorial, Hainaut, Belgium.

Age (25) not given. Died Mon, 23 April 1917.  Corporal, South Staffs Regiment.
Cemetery: Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt, Pas de Calais, France.
Arthur was 9 years old and living at the Corn Mill on Water Lane with his grandmother and his uncle John who was the miller.

           1901 Census

1901 Census

William H ALLEN
           1901 Census


Age (21) not given. Died Monday, 23 April 1917. Private, South Staffs Regt.
Memorial: Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.
Thomas was 5 years old, living at Scarthin with his father Everard, a brickyard labourer, mother Grace and two siblings. A married couple lodged with them.

Age 30. Died Thursday, 4 October 1917. Private, Royal Scots Fusiliers.
Son of Mr & Mrs P Worthy, of Scarthin.
Cemetery: Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium.
Thomas was 14 years old, working as a cotton factory hand. He lived at Scarthin with his father Peter, a brown-paper maker, his mother Mary who worked as a paper sorter at the Paper Mill, and 2 young sisters.

Age (29) not given. Died Thurs, 21 March 1918. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
No next of kin given.     Memorial: Arras Memorial, France.
William Hoades Allen, aged 12, was working as a packer at a cotton mill. He lived at Scarthin with his father John, a cab driver, mother Kate, sister Esther and brothers John Joseph and Benjamin. There was also a male lodger.

1901 Census

George KIRK

John Arthur PIDCOCK
1901 Census

Age 21. Died Saturday 29 June 1918. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of John and Kate Allen of Scarthin.
Memorial: Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, Belgium.
John Joseph was aged 2, brother of  William Hoades Allen. See above.

Not found on CWG website.

Age 18. Died Wednesday 27 November 1918. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
Son of the late Isiah and Martha Pidcock of Cromford.
John died at Clipstone Camp, Mansfield and was buried on 3 Dec 1918.
Cemetery: St Mark's churchyard, Cromford.
John's gravestone has the words:    "Thy will be done."
John was 8 months old, living with his parents, Martha and Isaiah (general labourer), 2 sisters and brother at Thurlow Booth, Whatstandwell.

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Second World War Scarthin War Memorial  

George Albert PIDCOCK


Age 19. Died Tuesday, 26 December 1944.  Stoker, HMS Capel, Royal Navy.
Son of James Harry and Hilda Annie Kniveton of Cromford.
Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial.
HMS Capel was active in the Atlantic and supported the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944. She was torpedoed by U boat-486 on 26 December 1944 and sank in the English Channel.

Age not given. Died Sat, 6 June 1942. Lance Corporal, Royal Army Service Corps. No next of kin given.
Cemetery: El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt.

Age 29. Died Monday, 23 October 1944. Trooper, 17th/21st Lancers RAC.
Son of Charles Henry and Lucy Alice Russell;
husband of Jessie Hannah Lorraine Russell.
Cemetery: Forli War Cemetery, Italy.

  Memorial Plaques in Cromford Institute  



Nine of the men are remembered on plaques in
Cromford Institute

This TABLET and CLOCK are placed here to the HONOUR
who FOUGHT in the GREAT WAR 1914 - 1919
and to the SACRED MEMORY of

1939 - 1945

The clock above the plaques was donated by the Royal British Legion
(Cromford Branch)

There are also framed photographs of each of the nine men on the wall.

  Memorial Plaque in St Mary's Church, Cromford  

                                FREDERIC ARKWRIGHT         THOMAS GRATTON
                                PERCY BARBER                         JOHN GREGORY
                                WILLIAM BOSLEY                    HARRY PARKER
                                ROBERT BRITLAND                  SAMUEL PEARSON
                                JOHN BROWN                            WILLIAM PEARSON
                                CLIFFORD BROOKS                  NORMAN SAINT
                                VICTOR DILLON                        JOSEPH SHAW
                                THOMAS FEARN                      JOHN TAYLOR
                                JAMES GIBBS                             LEONARD WILBRAHAM

                            THESE MEN OF OURS BAPTISED IN THE NAME OF
                          GREAT WAR 1914 - 1918 AND AFTER PAIN AND LOSS

194 men went to war Hand Written List in the Church of the men who served in WW1 30 men died
border    These Men who served in the
King's Forces 1914 - 1918 were worshippers
in this Church or residents in this Village
border  Frank Adkin
Ernest Allen
Frank Allen
John Allen
John Allen +
William Allen +
Albert Allsop
Joseph Allsop
Frederic Alleyne Arkwright +
Richard Alleyne Arkwright
Percy Barber +
Henry Berrisford
Archie Biddulph
Arthur Biddulph +
Charles Biddulph
Ernest Biddulph
George Biddulph
Bernard Bond
Guy Bonham-Carter +
Horace Blanche
Lawson Bland
Frank Boden
Wilfred Bosley
William Bosley +
Henry Botham
James Botham
Joseph Brailsford
Fred Britland
Harry Britland
Robert Britland +
Thomas Britland
Charles Brooks
Clifford Brooks +
Fred Brooks
George Brooks
Arthur Brown
Charles Brown
Charles Brown
Frank Brown
James Brown
John Brown +
William Brown
Enoch Buckley
Frederick Buckley
James Buckley
William Buckley
John Bulman
Ernest Bunting
Fred Bunting
Herbert Bunting
Herbert Bunting
William Bunting
Percy Clay
Richard Clay
Charles Colwell
George Colwell
William Conquest
George Cooper
Alfred Coxon
Robert Dawes
Oswald Dickinson
Tom Dillon
Victor Dillon +
Ernest Eaton
Fred Farnsworth
Harold Farnsworth
Frank Fearn
Thomas Fearn +
Wilfred Fearn
Bert Fryer
Laurence Fryer
Frank Gibbs
George Gibbs
James Gibbs +
Fred Gillott
Herbert Gillott
John Gould
Joseph Gould
William Gould
Thomas Gratton +
William Gratton
Antony Greatorex
Herbert Greatorex
Thomas Greenwood
John Gregory +
Thomas Gregory
Albert Hall
Thomas Hall
Christopher Harrison
George Hodgkinson
Samuel Hodgkinson
Fred Holland
Albert Holmes
James Holmes
Sam Holmes
William Holmes
Tom Huddart
Alexander Hughes
George Jackson
James Jepson
Thomas Keightly +
Alfred Kidd
Frank Kidd
Fred Kidd
Harry Kidd
John Kidd
George Kirk +
Maurice Kirk
William Land
Fred Lloyd
George Lloyd +
Maurice Lowe
Fred Mee
William Mee
Thomas Mitchel
John Moore
Wilfred Morse
William Mottershead
Laurence Musgrave
Laurence Newton
John Oldbury
Alfred Orridge
Harry Padget
Alec Parker
Bertram Parker
Charles Parker
Harry Parker +
Lewis Parker
Samuel Pearson +
William Pearson +
John Pidcock +
Charles Potter
William Potter
Harry Pykett
George Ratcliffe
William Read
Alfred Redfern
Arthur Redfern
Phillip Ridgard
Charles Riley
Arthur Robinson
Charles Robinson
George Robinson
Harry Robinson
Tom Robinson
Herbert Saint
Norman Saint +
Fred Saunders
Albert Seedhouse
Alfred Seedhouse
Edward Seedhouse
John Seedhouse
William Seedhouse
Albert Seeds
George Seeds
Joseph Sellers
Joseph Shaw +
William Shaw
William Sheppard
William Sherratt +
Arthur Siddall
Henry Siddall
Clifford Slack +
Augustus Smedley
Albert Snow
Herbert Spencer
Leonard Spencer
John Stafford
Dick Swift
Albert Taylor
George Taylor
John Taylor
John A Taylor +
Sam Taylor
Wilfred Taylor
William Taylor
Joseph Tomlinson +
James Toplis
George Treece
John Vallance
Hubert Watson
Arthur Watts
Harold Webber
Thomas Webber
Joseph Wharton
Fred Whitworth
Fred Wilbraham
Leonard Wilbraham +
James Wood
Charles Woodiwiss
Herbert Worthy
Thomas Worthy +
Charles Young
Walter Young

The names of the 30 men who died in the Great War are marked with a cross +
The war memorials in Cromford and Scarthin have a total of 27 names.
The men missing from the memorials are Guy Bonham-Carter, George Lloyd and Clifford Slack.

Guy BONHAM-CARTER is remembered on the plaque erected to Frederic G A Arkwright inside St Mary's church -
                                                 Also of his brother-in-law and Best Friend Guy Bonham-Carter.
                                                 Third son of Alfred Bonham-Carter CB.
                                                 Captain X1X Hussars, Adjutant Q O Oxfordshire Hussars.
                                                 He was killed in action near Ypres 14 May 1915 aged 30 years.
                                                 "O valiant dead. Take comfort where you lie.
                                                  So sweet to live? Magnificent to Die."

                                     Born London 25 May 1884, third son of Alfred and Mary Bonham-Carter.
                                     Married Kathleen, the daughter of Frederic C Arkwright of Willersley, 18 Oct 1911.
                                     They had 2 children - Diana, born 1913 and John Arkwright, born 1915.
                                     Cemetery: Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery, Ieper, Belgium.

George LLOYD               George Edward Lloyd. Died 24 July 1917, aged 21. Private, Sherwood Foresters.
                                     Son of Elizabeth Lloyd, of 28 Trinity St., Belle Vue, Shrewsbury.
                                     Cemetery: Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium.
                                     George was born at Wellington, Shropshire, and lived in Shrewsbury before finding work in Cromford
                                     as a footman at Oak Hill, the residence of Mrs Mary Esther Arkwright. He fought in the Dardenelles
                                     in the Gallipoli campaign, before service in Flanders, where he died of wounds.
                                     Oak Hill is now Alison House, the home of the Toc H holiday centre.

Clifford SLACK                Not found on CWG website

The War Memorials
  Leaflet re unveiling of memorial


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